We are passionate about detailing and maintaining your car. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to the needs of every individual vehicle ranging from a full detailing service, maintenance wash, to even something as simple as a stain/odor removal. Every car has different needs so here are some of our most popular services

Hand Washes

We use a two-bucket method on the exterior of the car paired with a PH Neutral soap. We found that this combination is the safest for cars with any types of sealants and coatings. Also, using PH neutral soap is important to extend the life of these products and the paint of the vehicle. When you use acidic based products directly on the paint you can shorten the life of not only the coatings and sealants, but the clear coat in general.

Interior Detailing

Let’s be honest, our cars get abused from the busy life of New York City. Whether you have kids or just don’t always have time to tend to your vehicle, we can bring the interior back to life. Whether we need to steam clean the vehicle to remove a smell, or shampoo the interior to remove stains and grime, no job is too big, and no detail is too small.

Paint Corrections

We pride ourselves with our paint correcting abilities. With over five years of polishing cars, we use a proven method to enhance the paint and bring the gloss of even the oldest paint back to where it was like new.

Ceramic Coatings

Over the five years of doing coatings, we have used a variety of ceramic brands. We always strive to use 9H+ rated products and primarily focus on using Capro and Gyeon ceramic coatings for our clients. We have found them to have fantastic durability and hydrophobic properties years later.

Paint Protection Film

Each piece of film is custom tailored to the car it is installed on. In some instances, we may use a pre-cut but focus on doing the best we can to protect the vehicle


We use 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl for color changes and chrome deletes. All wrap selections are done in person with the customer to make sure they are happy with their selection.

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